Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Goodbye to All That

I'm heading off to San Jose for a few days to the Organization of American Historians' annual meeting, so you'll just have to get your kicks elsewhere. I recommend taking a detour over to Your Logo Here and Lawyers, Guns and Money. I will endorse everything they have to say over the weekend. And if my plane goes down in a flaming spiral of death, my wife has permission to pursue her relationship with Brad Pitt to its fullest potential.

In the meantime, you have some blog-related homework assignments, so pay attention here. Before I return on Sunday, I expect you to to the following:
  • Read this touching poem and briefly explain why this is quite possibly one of the two or three worst poems ever written. (Extra credit if you can explain why anyone would be compelled to write a poem entitled "Our Love" in the first place.)
  • Read this passionate letter to the President of the United States. Leave a comment explaining why you agree or disagree with the letter's basic argument. (Extra credit if you correctly identify all the spelling and grammatical errors.)
  • Drop in on Kim Du Toit, voted this week by Lawyers, Guns and Money as "America's Worst Blogger." Decide if Du Toit's blog is better or worse than this one. Defend your answer.
  • Enjoy!