Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Meathook Theology

This comment was too good to leave tucked into the comments page... Thus spaketh "Some Guy," whose identity is known only to me:
Thanks, David, for introducing me to Becki [ed. — see post below]. I feel like I have a new friend. A crappy, crappy friend.

You missed possibly her most incisive lesson from hunger striking:
"I'm still waiting on God to act, and what God does is what God does. It's His field, He can play ball like he wants. But I can tell who's a wussy in this game, and it's not me. I'm doing what I was called to do, and if some sappy chick no-name chick like me can go ten days without food then some freekin' suit in a mansion can get on his phone and call his people to swoop in and take Terri out of here just like they did good ol' Elian Gonzales. Don't like it? Talk to Mr. Special Agent's Glock."
Words do not do justice, so much to admire.

The incoherent chutzpah (can one say that about an uber-christian who likes to drop the word "glock"?) The snappy but disturbingly confused metaphors (Its his field, He plays ball the way he want to? Is god the ref, a teammate, the scruffy ne'erdowell mascot, the chubby kid nobody picks for their team, I am confused. And why would the almighty play in a game said creator invented?).

Oh, and the complete disregard for facts or due process (Screw 30,000 pages of documentation, get in there and do what I fuckin' tell you to do).

But I do not see hers as a shallow definition of life. I mean you have self-absorption in the name of life; threats of violence in the name of life; quixotic starvation in the name of life; endless perceived threats to life in the name of life; millions of suffering people ignored in favor of one fetishized human vegetable -- in the name of life; the warm glow of self-righteousness in the name of life . . . All in all, I'd say its pretty a pretty rich view of life, in the acrid stench sense of rich.

So not shallow, but it is vulgar. Meathook theology; the kind you need from zealots when the time comes to take up arms, I mean "glocks," as the frikkin' suits don't do what you tell them god wants them to do.