Friday, March 25, 2005

Scenes from Terri's Revolution, Part II

Off the Pigs!, originally uploaded by davenoon.

At Woodside Hospice today, protests escalated. Protestors kicked over street signs and heaved newspaper stands into the streets, creating a diversion while a small cadre of revolutionaries attempted to scale the walls of the hospice center. Michael Ford, a registered nurse keeping vigil outside the facility housing Terri Schiavo, ascended a makeshift podium and read a prepared statement to the assembled crowd:
"It is important to emphasize that guerilla warfare is a war of the masses, a war of the people. The guerilla band is an armed nucleus, the fighting vanguard of the people. It draws great force from the mass of the people themselves. The guerilla fighter needs full help from the people in this area. This is an indispensible condition."

Ford was followed by his wife Cheryl:
"Any kind of action that fucks up the pigs' war and helps the people to win is a good kind of action! What we have to do is is organize and fit things together so that more people can get into the fighting in more and heavier ways - and so the people who are already fighting get the back-up help they need. This relation ship between 'illegal' (by pig law when done by non-pigs) action and legal public motion is one of key importance."

She then grabbed a brick and heaved it through a window, as a skirmish line of police descended upon her, batons swinging furiously in the Florida sunlight . . .

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