Sunday, March 13, 2005

So Many Memories...

Well, this dessicated little blog has been moping along for a full week now, and I'm a few clicks away from topping 600 hits -- a third of which have probably been my own, as I neurotically repost entries after microscopically fucking with the wording and sentence structure, or as I pop in to see if anyone cares about Greek drama or has taken the time to contribute a sacreligious caption yet.

I haven't yet clarified the identity of this project, but I have decided that each Sunday, I will change the AEK banner description in honor of the pithiest comment left the previous week. In addition to getting mad props, each week's winner will receive a pig's breakfast of prizes, including the home edition of "Axis of Evel Knievel," and $100 worth of Iraqi dinars, whose value this detestable website promises will rise with the emergence of democracy and free markets in Babylon. Oh, and I will tattoo your name on my ass jailhouse style.

And this week's winner is...

"Some Guy," who offered this bit of devastating wisdom in response to Wednesday's Lysistrata/Red State moral values post:
"Don't ask me about how to fairly grade someone who is opposed to the basic civil arrangement of the entire post-industrial world, let alone how one comments on flaws in logic to someone who willfully suspends the need to offer reasons."

Fucking brilliant, my friend. I may have to steal this for use on all subsequent course syllabi. Way to go, "Some Guy." You're on the road to blogospheric fame. Now where's my rubbing alcohol...?