Monday, May 16, 2005

Don't Make Me Shove This Koran Down The Toilet

(image purloined from The Propaganda Remix Project)

Via A Tiny Revolution, we learn of Force Ministries, born at the frightening intersection of evangelical Christianity and the Navy SEALs.
In this era of Gen-X extremism, it's proving harder and harder to capture the attention of the world's youth. If it doesn't go over 100 miles per hour, make a lot noise, put a hole in your lip, or turn your hair a different color, it probably won't get a second glace. This no doubt, makes evangelism challenging for many of today's ministries.

Enter Force Skydiving. Imagine a group of today's youth standing around with their skateboards and piercing's [sic], when all of a sudden, one of them looks up and sees an aircraft at 12,000 feet, with a smoke trail. What appear to be 5 human beings have exited the airplane, all of them trailing a stream of smoke. Nearly a minute later, brightly colored parachute with the single word, "FORCE" boldly visible, begin [sic] to open. All witnessing these daring stunts are curious to see if these guys can pull off a landing and live to tell about it. They quickly make their way to the 'drop zone' where they notice a thousand other kids watching the beautiful parachute formations and spectacular landings.

Immediately following the jump the jumpers quickly make their way to a stage were they began to speak a truth never before heard by many in the audience and soon a life changing realization comes over the newcomers. The enemy has just lost his grip on five more. This is the message that will be taken throughout the United States and soon the world, as the Force Skydiving team takes to the skies. We also minister to the military. The FORCE skydiving team is available to jump at air shows, onto aircraft carriers and wherever else there are members of the military gathered. We truly believe that because of the uniqueness of our show, thousands and thousands will be drawn to our exploits and the message of Jesus that each of us holds in our heart. Please pray that the FORCE skydiving team will hit it's [sic] mark upon this generation and those who have served our great nation in the armed forces and this generation. [sic]