Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Garbage Day

I forgot to do a Garbage Day post last week, probably for the very same reasons I neglected to drag our actual garbage to the curb. Sometimes, you see, it's hard to let go. Maybe I needed another few days with that plump sack of cat turds and urine mounds; perhaps I wasn't quite ready to surrender that nasty old "Kenny's Liquor" baseball cap to Juneau's overstuffed landfill. Three 50-gallon tubs a week. The toilet of our lives. The toenail clippings and depleted cereal bags. The credit card offers and Boston Proper catalogues. The waste that resists classification. The unmentionables.

So many memories.

Here's something else to remember. And this, by the very same polluted mind.

Garbage Day has been good to you. Give thanks and praise.