Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Meet the Kallikaks

get used to it

An admirer of John Podhoretz envisions one-party, one-family rule for America:
An e-mail: "Let's see here. Bush will have done 8 years. Jeb could do 8 as VP and then 8 as President. Each of their kids kids could do the same. That would be a total of 72 years.

"We need another 72 years of Bush! Now that's a slogan!"
Are these people so uninventive that they can hope for nothing more enlivening than an infinitely receding horizon of dullards and opportunists holding the office of President until the Rapture sweeps away the faithful? Dumb question. Of course they can't. And to think that these people oppose cloning.

Now that I'm thinking about it, what, precisely, would the Noelle Bush administration look like? Any classier than the John "Jebby" Bush administration? By that point, and with no one on the planet left to bomb, I suppose we could do worse than living in the purple haze of Jenna Bush.