Thursday, May 05, 2005

Thursday Pre-Teen Gossip Blogging

It's been a brutal week here at the Axis. Much grading to do, much softball to play, and much of my own crappy research to be revising. I'm left with almost nothing to blog about, so I've resorted to stealing material from my wife, who teaches middle school and occasionally stumbles across fabulous relics of pre-teen angst. To wit:

Dear Ali,

Why did you do that? You told Serena what I told you @ Brian & Nick B's parties! I was joking when I told you that anywayz. I guess I can't trust you anymore or tell you anything. :-( Well, too bad because I was going to tell you a lot more but I can't! So, maybe you should wait to tell people things that weren't meant to get out. I don't even know what to say, I just can't tell you anything...I hope you're happy because now Christina & Krystal both hate me! :-(

Oh right. You can tell people that if they have something to say about me to come to me & say it.

If you show anybody this note....I will NEVER talk to you again.

Any notes I give you I hope you've never showed anybody.

Love Always,