Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Triumph of Death


George W. Bush's Armies of Compassion

Via Erik at Alterdestiny, meditating upon the science gap between the US and the rest of the world:
The Right talks about a culture of life, but really I think they believe in a culture of death with their focus on military service and half-thought out actions in the Middle East, their obsession with the Apocalypse and the smiting of all not like themselves, their lack of concern over social programs that help make life worth living for millions in America and billions around the world, and their anti-science stance.
I think Erik's identified the filthy little core of the Right's brutal vision of the world. Whether they're garrotting science education, eradicating funds for social science research on gays and lesbians, undermining and humiliating federal employees working on climate change, or diagnosing brain injuries from the Senate floor, the American right — which thrives on rigid, foundationalist rhetoric — operates with miniscule regard for the life and well-being of future generations. It almost makes me wish I believed in hell.