Thursday, May 19, 2005

Where Albinism Meets the "Vague and Incomprehensible"


Brilliant. I'm now the number one hit for people seeking information on albino fetishes. This makes me feel good about myself, especially after receiving the latest round of reader comments on a journal article I submitted a while back:
I think the opening paragraph is fairly lame, and would suggest beginning with the second paragraph, though even here the formulation "mostly reversed narrative style" is surprisingly inept, I find.  Some other points I find very vague and almost incomprehensible:  "At no point in the novel . . . etc." (this sentence beginning on p. 5).  Careful copyediting overall will be needed (e.g., final periods in indented quotations--MLA; the sentence on p. 9 that ends "where the Soviet nuclear" -- up 6 from bottom; "wow they felt" --p. 13, middle; a couple other typos).
I just fucking love receiving vague and incomprehensible suggestions on how to address my vagueness and incomprehensibility.
I'm going to drink one of these now. We'll fucking see how vague and incomprehensible I can be.