Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Christ, I'm Getting Nothing Accomplished Today...

I don't ordinarily go trolling on wingnut websites, but somehow I stumbled across this bit of wholesome, fact-free lunacy:

Know this; todays democratic party has been hijacked, taken over by socialists and others that would see our sovereignty stripped from us and our treasure and resources robbed by those in the world that are lazy and corrupt, all in the name of parity.

Todays democrats are the new communists, seeing the failures of the old soviets, and believing that the world should work like a kindergarten playground, where everybody shares equally and your hard work means the same as the work of the lazy and luckless.

Our grandfathers and fathers, the men of the greatest generation, they didn’t think that way. They called a bum a bum and didn’t let him starve, but neither did he get more than scraps. All this country was founded on has been under assault by the liberals for the last 30+ years, and I will not let it pass unnoticed.

Once we were the envy of the world, and we were envied because of our Freedom and our Strength, not because we were weak and poor.

We were envied despite the fact that at the time, blacks were not treated the same, but we were trying to make it so that they were treated the same, and the world saw that.

We were admired not because we were the richest country, but because anyone could come here and become a richer person, a better person.

We were loved because here, in America, lived paradise….a Land of Milk and Honey, where hard work and the sweat of your brow, intelligence and maybe some luck would make you successful beyond your wildest dreams.


We are both loved and hated, for many reasons, and never forget the glory we once held, and still do, tarnished though it may be, can glow bright again.

America can be that fabled shining city on the hill, but not unless we defeat the enemies within our own country.

Unable to resist, I dropped a comment and pointed out that people who use phrases like "land of milk and honey," "sweat of your brow," and "shining city on a hill" as if they were not degraded, hapless clichés are automatically sent to the kiddie table to eat their pie and ice cream. When someone believes that “democrats are the new communists,” there’s really no need to refute it directly. It’s like my college friend Dave (who was Jewish) challenging his Christian friends to explain why he couldn’t be the second coming of Jesus. “I was a Jew the first time," he'd say. "Why not now? Prove me wrong.”

Well, that didn't go over so well.

That’s right…boneheadedness demonstrated by a link whore! Whatever. Shoo!

There IS a need to prove your position in my comments section. If you don’t behave like an adult, your stupid comments will be deleted and you will be banned. I don’t have a problem with opposing views as long as people are respectful, and make a point. If you don’t include links to prove your point, but would rather just call people names instead, then you’ll have to do it from your own blog.

Um... OK.