Thursday, June 09, 2005

She's Dead as a Doornail, But She'd Love Janice Rogers Brown

Ayn_RandNot that we need any more reasons to be dismayed by the nomination and — now — confirmation of the atrocious Janice Rogers Brown, whose pretzeled understanding of history leads her to bray about the slipperly slope between modern liberal democracy and the chasm of slavery. We will come to know and loathe her well in the coming decades, as she effortlessly glides from the DC Court of Appeals to the bench of the Supreme Court, where she and Clarence Thomas can continue to evoke the memories of chattel servitude, sharecropping, and sport lynching to protect and extend the liberties of blastocysts, corporate managers and the hyper-rich. And as we do, we can rest peacefully in the assurance that Ayn Rand would approve. The Objectivist salons have weighed in, and they are pleased:

Never have I heard from someone outside the O[bjectiv]'ist/classical liberal circle linking altruism with socialism and collectivism. She understands that it's selflessness, "other-ism" and the annihilation of the individual that enables collectivism to exist. Not only that, but she labels big government as a drug to which the people demand more and more of it. We don't care whom we enslave, as long as we get our social security, prescription drugs, subsides, etc.

Justice Janice Rogers Brown has my support, even if she is a conservative. We need more like her on the bench to ensure freedom. Even without looking into the cases she has ruled on, if she applies these principles consistantly from the bench I can find no reason to oppose her. The Democrats are fighting tooth and nail to prevent her confirmation because she links socialism to big government and big government to enslavement.