Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Ladies Love Cool James

10287_500It's peak cruise ship season here in Juneau, and the annual celebrity trophy hunt has produced its first head suitable for mounting, as L.L. Cool J dropped in yesterday for a brief visit on his long, slow journey to obscurity. Obediently, the local newspaper dispached a crack reporter to the scene, where the following significant observations were made:

His stage name is an acronym for "Ladies Love Cool James." Wearing a hat is one of Cool J's trademarks. During his visit to Juneau, he wore a black parka.

Miciana Hutcherson, who has listened to Cool J's music since she was 5, said his music has a catchy beat.

Hutcherson, a theater host for the Mount Roberts Tramway, said many people, mostly tourists, went to the tram to see Cool J. Once residents knew he was in Juneau, they followed him around downtown.