Friday, July 15, 2005

Vote for Harry Savage; Defeat Terrorists

58Two friends from Minneapolis have insisted that I link to this blog being maintained by one Harry Savage — if that is his real name — to publicize to his quest to represent Ward 10 on the Minneapolis City Council. I'm not certain quite why my friends are so amused by this aspiring public servant, but they allowed the wife and me to crash at their house two weeks ago, and I think it's best to honor such debts quickly and without protest. My friends have, though, asked me to note that one of Harry's blusterous campaign mantras is "No Taxpayer Supported Stadium! Period," a slogan they find puntuationally incomprehensible — something about following up an exclamation point with the word "period." OK, sure, I guess that's a real howler. Things must be a bit slow in South Minneapolis these days.

Personally, I'm more taken in by these bits of campaign dada:

Second, we need a Guiliani-style crack down on minor and major crime. Small crimes create an atmosphere in our community that encourages bigger crimes. We are seeing it all over Minneapolis with increase [sic] homicides and other violent crime. Only in this way will our kids will be safer [sic] and neighborhoods cleaner.


I feel that our campaign is on the road to victory. Our cause is about fighting crime not coddling criminals. With this being said, a hard line approach on crime is what the doctor ordered. This will advance our efforts against hardcore criminals and enable us to bring terrorists to justice. All this being done when we focus on the minor crime, which is first clue [sic] that your city is falling apart.