Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Alien at Our Buffet

buffetWhat goes into the Melting-Pot determines what must come out of it. If we put into it sound, sturdy stock, akin to the pioneer breed which first peopled this country and founded its institutions; if these new stocks are not only sound physically but alert mentally, then we shall develop a race here worthy to carry on the ideals and traditions of the founders of our country. But if the material fed into the Melting-Pot is a polyglot assortment of nationalities, physically, mentally and morally below par, then there can be no hope of producing anything but an inferior race.

— Robert Ward, “Fallacies of the Melting-Pot Idea”
The Alien in Our Midst (1924)

Via Eric at Alterdestiny, we read of the Minuteman invasion of New Mexico, to whose border defense a group of mouth-breathers from Alabama have commited themselves. What would inspire the Alabama Minutement Support Team to rise up in defense of the white identity and traditions of the American Southwest? If you're Gary Buie, the question is a no-brainer. The Albuquerque Tribune explains:
Used to be, Gary Buie and his family could go down to a local buffet in Birmingham, Ala., and fill up on comfort food and familiar eats.

Slowly, the all-you-can-eat buffet began to change. Six months ago, he and his family made the trip and were the only ones speaking English, he said in a telephone interview from Birmingham.
Yeah, nothing ruins a plate of salisbury steak, butter beans and cornbread like a room full of people speaking Spanish. And for what grave traumas -- aside from the impending liquidation of the Aryan race -- do Gary Buie and his family have to seek out "comfort food"? It's all so stupifying.

I only wish that Tribune had told us whether the buffet in question was in fact a Chinese restaurant.