Thursday, August 25, 2005

Opus Dei

opusThis interview with Berke Breathed reminds me on a number of levels why the general state of things has gotten worse since Bloom County ended its run in 1989:
Q. Have you done any strips that took up, in any form, the misleading pre-war reporting on WMDs?

A. Yes, and they weren't appreciated by my clients a year ago. It's a different time than it was in my prime years, for sure. I can't even print the word "gay" in my strip without losing clients. To say the least, editors are weirdly on edge right now. I think they're all worried that they may have to become religious pamphlets in order to survive.

Q. What do you think of newspapers' overall performance in the past three years relating to the war?

A. Here's the preferred order of indictments after the coming investigation by a special prosecutor on the fraudulent build-up and motives for America's most recent military blood-letting: Bush, Rove, Rumsfeld, Howell Raines, Gerald Boyd.

You notice I mention nobody at the Washington Post. It would be like criticizing my mother.

Actually, that's probably the same rationale that editors applied when it came to reporting on war issues.

I like the idea of a "preferred order of indictments." As a debating topic, it beats the shit out of all those AFI "Top 100" lists.