Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wedding Bells

ELVIS WEDDINGNot that any of you really care, but I'll most likely be on a total blogging hiatus until next Wednesday, when I return from yet another sturdy, heterosexual defense of the institution of marriage. Indeed, by next Wednesday I not only will have attended a posh nuptual in Northern California, but I will also have served as "wedding commissioner" — that's Chief Defender of Heterosexual Marriage to you — for a less-than-posh nuptual right here in Juneau. This means that I will have an unusually triumphant sense of my own authority, especially as it pertains to matters of connubial bliss. If any of you have particular questions related to marriage, or the absence or withering thereof, you should feel free to submit them in the comments section below.

Occasional co-blogger DBM — he of last month's Pangolin blogging — may or may not make an appearance while I'm gone. Be nice to him as he and his bride-to-be prepare to receive my Less-Than-Holy Matrimonial Blessing.