Saturday, March 25, 2006

And speaking of plagiarism . . .

How obtuse must a student think I am to submit the following paragraph in a 3-page essay . . .
In the early twentieth century, child labor was a pervasive phenomenon. Studies estimate that between one-fifth and one-sixth of all children were employed on a full-time basis, and child labor was an important economic factor. Instead of attending school, proletariat children worked as much as sixty hours per week in unsafe factories and coalmines. Few child labor laws protected the children from the hazards of their workplace, or from the exploitation of the factory owners. The situation was especially appalling in the textile mills, where children worked near powerful machinery that left many of them severely injured and maimed.

. . . and not think that I might do a quick Google search?

I just sent him an e-mail to let him know he'd failed the class. I did apologize to him, though, for not catching the plagiarism before yesterday's test; I could have spared him the agony of actually taking it.