Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bad day for Jeebus

First, we learn that prayer has no discernible clinical value.

And now this. And especially this.

Shorter version of somebody's blog entry that has yet to be written but probably will by the end of the day: Why won't the New York Times cover the positive stories about religion? Where are the articles on our youth groups, our nourishing potluck suppers, and our unimpeachably coherent views on human sexuality? Moreover, why is the Times allowing the man who betrayed Jesus to the Romans to offer up his side of the story? After 9-11, we have to be very careful about the things we say; by covering the so-called "Gospel of Judas," the Times once again reveals its objectively anti-religious and pro-betrayist stance. When will the MSM learn that America is a Chrisian nation? I think we know the answer to that. Heh.