Tuesday, April 04, 2006

"I'm running on fumes today"

. . .Meanwhile, in post-civil rights America, white talk radio hosts beat up on Cynthia McKinney and the NC Central student who has accused players from Duke's lacrosse team of raping her. Whatever we can make of the merits of either the McKinney or the Duke cases, the passage of conservative men into the realm of racist fantasy is worth pondering. We might note their elisions of class and sexuality, as Neil Boortz and Rush Limbaugh managed to conflate a black Congresswoman and a university student with the proverbial "ghetto sluts" and "ho's," as if a black woman's mere accusation of racially-inspired harrassment or violence required that white men stand up and impugn her honor. Boortz and Limbaugh have of course apologized for their remarks -- Limbaugh's, in fact, came within minutes of the original remark -- but I'm fairly certain the two will continue to refer to these episodes not to underscore their mental frailty, but to insist that (a) the forces of political correctness must accasionally be appeased now and again; (b) their own remarks were nothing compared to the language used by blacks to ridicule one another (e.g., the "have you listened to rap music lately" defense); or (c) Cynthia McKinney's hair really is odd.

On the more unrestrained periphery of the right wing, we find Boortz's and Limbaugh's compatriots at Little Green Fascists having an absolute hootenanny at McKinney's expense, with the comment thread on this post offering an excellent rejoinder to anyone who believes that Confederate psychosexual fantasies are a fixture of the past. Some of the lowlights:
Someone should do a poll:
More disturbing:
Lobster tails on head-Cynthia
Buckwheat on crack-Cynthia (1)

Shouldn't Ms McKinney be shot simply because she should be considered too ugly to be a member of the humane race? (2)

It takes about 2 joints and a half bottle of Burbon before I get that look on my face. Cockroach in the headlights look, that is. (3)

When I was a kid there was a phrase my mom and the older ladies would use about a lady with a lot of experience or some mileage on her (not necessarily a 'Ho). They'd say: "She's been around the block a few times" which sort of said it all.(4)

Every white person on Earth could drop dead tomorrow & Africa would still be an open wound on civilization.(5)

One thing McKinney was right about though. The guard did touch her inappropriately. He should have spun her to the ground, pulled her arms behind her back, cuffed her and then with the assistance of another guard, picked her up by the arm sockets and frog marched her out just like any other scuffler would have been marched.(6)

Yo, got it solved for ms ma keen ey,,
If she just walks in the House office buildings backwards , with her big ass first
then no way any of the guards will not know in an instant who it is..........
just saying , if you got a big ass use it girl. (7)

I'd tap that. (8)

Notwithstanding a few commenters who objected to the thread's utter depravity, the Sambo and Buckwheat references carried the day. It was like a Maoist confessional, only without the apologies.