Sunday, September 24, 2006

September 24

t9w5dhI consider, therefore, the prime mission of the ideal American commonwealth to be the perfection of the Aryan genius for political civilization, upon the basis of a predominantly Teutonic nationality[.] If such, in truth, be the transcendent mission of the American commonwealth, . . . what folly, on the part of the ignorant, what wickedness, on the part of the intelligent, are involved in the attempts, on the one side to sectionalize the nation, or on the other, to pollute it with non-Aryan elements. Both have tried, and both, thanks to an all-wise Providence, have failed; for both were sins against American civilization, and both were sins of the highest order.

— John Burgess, “The Ideal of the American Commonwealth”
Political Science Quarterly (1895)

Today we extend birthday wishes to CNN's Harvard-educated pseudo-populist Lou Dobbs, whose jowls undulate like two sacks of warm cheese curds as he reveals each night the latest alien menace infiltrating our southern border. Dobbs, who has described the Minutemen as a "terrific group of concerned, caring Americans," decided over a year ago to turn his show into a non-stop open mic night for nativist misinformation and vigilantism; since then, he has addressed the subject of immigration with a certain masturbatory frenzy, warning his viewers of the economic rot and cultural pestilence that will attend the endless, unthwarted flow of "illegals" to the United States. Declaring his sole allegiance to the unappreciated little (non-brown) guys, Dobbs lofts their xenophobic ressentiment to his shoulders and bears it, Christ-like, through the streets of middle America.

Happy birthday, Lou Dobbs -- you venal, race-baiting fuck.