Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Brief (Not Entirely) Self-Promotional Interruption

If you happen to be one of the people who deliberately read this site -- as opposed to the 90 percent of my hits that come from folks searching for this image -- you might be interested to know that nominations for the Cliopatra Awards (for history blogs) are being accepted throughout the month of November. If anyone should feel motivated -- though given the subject matter here, I can't imagine why you would be -- there are a few archived posts with which I'm somewhat less than unhappy:

(1) October 18 (Jesse Helms)
(2) August 22 (Nat Turner)
(3) August 29 (Rais Massacre)
(4) And finally -- if you're thinking about the category of "Best Series" -- there are the nine posts I wrote back in April, during the week or so before my daughter was born.

You should also also consider the Forgotten Americans series over at Alterdestiny. Erik doesn't have them archived into a single collection, but each Tuesday he writes about someone (or some group) whose contributions to the past have been unnecessarily overlooked -- recent entires have included Myles Horton, The Cahokia Peoples, Diane Nash, and Philip Vera Cruz. They're all worth reading and nominating.